Frequently Asked Questions 

How does the PYO work?

There is no admission charge to Cammas Hall Fruit Farm but there is a minimum spend of £3 per person if you enter the fruit fields to pick (children who are too young to walk are excluded). On arrival, you will be able to select a basket or baskets to collect your fruit in. The baskets come in different sizes (dependent on the volume you require) and you will need one basket for each type of fruit that you wish to pick.  A member of staff will be happy to advise on selection if required. There is no direct charge for the baskets we supply although their weight will not be deducted when the fruit is weighed. You can bring your own basket or container if you wish to. Please see a member of staff on arrival so that they can weigh and mark your container prior to picking.

Head out to the fruit fields, look for the ‘Start Picking Here’ signs and pick away! Please be careful that you only pick fruit in the designated areas and ensure that it is fully ripe to avoid any wastage. When you have finished picking, return to our weighing and paying station. You will only pay for the amount of fruit you have picked.  Please do not consume the fruit prior to paying.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask one of our staff who will be more than happy to help.

How do I find out what produce is available?

Take a look at our Produce page which will show you what is currently in season. For up to date information as to our availability please call 01279 718777 or keep checking here on our website or on our Facebook page or Twitter feed. We will endeavour to keep everything as up to date as possible!

Are you easy to find?

We are well signposted and are situated approximately five miles south east of the market town of Bishop's Stortford, just outside the historic village of Hatfield Broad Oak. Our postcode for navigation is CM22 7JT. This post code will take you to the entrance of the arable farm HOWEVER, the entrance to the fruit farm is located on the same road approximately half a mile away. Please follow the signs.,0.262055,378m/data=!3m1!1e3

Can I bring a picnic?

We do not allow picnics at Cammas Hall Farm. Only food purchased in our Tea Barn or Farm Shop may be consumed on site.

Can we eat fruit whilst we pick?

Whilst we are happy for you to sample one or two pieces of fruit in the field whilst picking, we do ask that you are honest and pay for everything else that you pick. Many fruit farms have gone out of business in recent years due to loss of fruit and we don’t want to be one of them!

Do I have to pay for all that I pick?

Yes, we are happy for you to pick as much as you would like but please remember, you will have to pay for whatever you or your children pick. Please ensure that children are supervised at all times.

Are you organic?

Our crops are grow in the most environmentally friendly way that we can but we are not organic We use a system called Integrated Crop Management which is a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture. It considers the situation across the wholel farm, including socio-economic and environmental factors, to deliver the most suitable and safe approach for long-term benefit.

Why should I choose your fruit/veg and not the supermarkets fruit/veg?

We are a small family run business and take great pride in producing the highest quality fruit and veg. Whether it is PYO or ready picked fruit and veg, it is all at least days, if not weeks fresher than the majority of that found in supermarkets and therefore, it is much tastier and even more nutritious.

However, a visit to Cammas Hall Farm is so, much more than just buying fruit – it’s an experience! What’s better than walking through the beautiful Essex countryside picking your own delicious fresh fruit as you go; a much more enjoyable experience than fighting your way through the aisle of a busy supermarket. People, young and old, come from far and wide to our farm, many of whom are repeat visitors, to enjoy a lovely day out for all the family

Do I have to bend down to reach the strawberries?

Our strawberries are grown on table tops so there is no need to bend down. They are easily accessible for all, including little ones who can reach upwards.

Can I pick my own sunflowers?

Unfortunately for health and safety reasons we are unable to let you pick your own sunflowers. Each morning we cut a fresh selection from our meadow and these can be found on sale in our Cammas Hall Farm Shop. Of course you are welcome to walk up to our sunflower meadows – they make for a wonderful photo opportunity!

Can I pick my own cherries?

Our cherries are not available for PYO as they are netted to protect them from birds. They are available freshly ready picked in our farm shop.

Do I need to wash the fruit?

Our crops are grown in the most environmentally friendly way that we can.  We spray only when absolutely necessary and we adhere to very strict harvest intervals so you can be assured that there is nothing harmful on the fruit. Washing soft fruit will only damage it.

How do I freeze my fruit?

Raspberries, gooseberries, blackcurrants, blackberries and blueberries are all suitable for freezing and can often be a welcome summer treat in the depths of winter. If you are intending to freeze your fruit, then it is best to pick the fruit the same day that you intend to freeze it. Remove any overripe or blemished fruits as well as any stalks. Spread your fruits out a tray so they are not touching each other and then lay the tray in the freezer. Leave for a few hours and when all the fruits are frozen and hard, transfer them into freezer bags or tubs, squeezing out as much air as possible and return them to the freezer for long term storage. Fruit should last for about a year – it will last longer but the quality will begin to decline.

You can freeze strawberries but they will lose all their texture when thawed but can still be used to make sauces, jams etc.

What should I wear for the farm conditions?

Cammas Hall Fruit Farm is a working farm and care should be taken on uneven surfaces. Please wear suitable footwear (i.e. flat-soled shoes like trainers) for picking fruit and even in dry weather the ground may be muddy due to our irrigation systems.  It is also advisable to wear long sleeved and long legged clothing to help protect from scratches and stings.

Cammas Hall Fruit Farm cannot accept any liability to any customer or other visitors or their children for any injury sustained while on the farm so please be vigilant. Children should be supervised at all times.

Is there wheelchair access?

Wheelchair access is possible in many areas including the strawberry fields, the Tea Barn, the Farm Shop and the outdoor seating and play area. Please note that adverse weather my affect accessibility.  We have disabled parking spaces near the entrance to the barn. If you require any assistance, please contact a member of staff on arrival and they will be happy to help.

 What do you offer in your cafe?

We offer a range of food in our Tea Barn including breakfasts, light lunches, cream teas and some pretty amazing homemade cakes. We have a separate children’s menu and also have a number of gluten-free options.   Don’t forget to check the blackboard in the Tea Barn for our daily specials. If you have special dietary requirements that you can't see covered in our menu please contact us in advance by emailing to discuss options.

What can I expect to find in the shop?

We have a well-stocked farm shop packed full of the best local produce we can source. As well as our own fruit, jams and honey we offer a wide selection of locally sourced produce including fresh vegetables, meats, cheeses, chocolate, plants and gift items. 

Are cyclists welcome?

Given our lovely countryside location we are an excellent destination for cyclists - many of whom stop off to refuel. We have two bike racks for parking at the front of the barn. Please note that we do no longer allow bikes onto the farm itself and all bikes must be left in the bike parking area of the car park - please bring a padlock. We are able to offer basic puncture repair tools and have a small selection of inner tubes for sale - please ask a member of staff.

We  are a member of The Cake Escape initiative which is encouraging residents to 'grab their bikes and cycle through some of the most beautiful places in Essex'.

When is the best time to visit?

During the busy times, especially during school holidays and weekends, we do advise people to arrive earlier to get the best pick of the fruit.

How does the Maize Maze work?

There is a small admission fee for all who wish to enter the Maize Maze (open end of August to end of October). With clues scattered throughout the maze, simply collect your clue sheet from a member of staff in The Cabin, enter the maze and see if you can solve the clues. Return your sheet to The Cabin to be entered into the prize draw.

Please do not pick the corn in the Maize Maze. It is not edible! The PYO Sweetcorn is located behind the Cherry Orchard.

How does the Pumpkin Patch work?

Pumpkins can be seen growing in our fields throughout the summer months until they are harvested and added to our Pumpkin Patch for sale in October. We ask that nobody picks the pumpkins whilst they are still growing in the fields. You can then come along to our Pumpkin Patch and select your pumpkins and pay for them at the PYO counter where they are weighed and priced according to weight. At set times only we will be running trailer rides where you will be taken out to the pumpkin fields to select your pumpkin. A member of staff will then harvest it for you. Please see our website for further details.

 How do I store my pumpkin once I’ve bought it?

Once you have your pumpkin home, they should last up to several weeks if stored correctly. Keep your pumpkin in a cool, dry place ideally on an old towel or a piece of cardboard. Do not store your pumpkin on cement as it will speed up the rotting process and do not store on a good rug in case it does rot as it will ruin your rug!

Can I bring my dog?

We do allow well-behaved dogs on a lead at Cammas Hall but we would request the following:

  • If you are eating in the Tea Barn please use the outside dining area. There are covered areas in case of extreme heat or rain.
  • Please keep your dog on a lead at all times on the fruit farm. In the fruit fields dogs can be tied up alongside the side of the field in full view of the owner but should not enter the fruit fields themselves. Dogs can be let off the lead on the Nature Trail but must remain under control at all times. 
  • Please clean up after your dog. There are a number of dog waste bins situated around the farm. 

Bowls of water are provided for dogs near the entrance to the fruit fields and in the play area.


We have plenty of free parking at Cammas Hall Farm.

Please ensure that you do not leave valuables in your car. Cammas Hall Fruit Farm cannot accept any liability to any customers or other visitors or their children for theft or damage (however caused) to vehicles or their possessions whilst in the car park.


We have male and female toilet blocks as well as a disabled toilet.

Are you baby friendly?

Yes, of course! We have baby changing facilities in our disabled toilet. High chairs are available in our Tea Barn and we have a bottle warmer if you need to have milk or food warmed. Dependant on the type of pram or buggy you should be able to access many areas of the farm however please bear in mind that it is farmland and ground can be uneven and muddy.

Do you accept bank cards/offer cashback?

We accept debit and credit cards in both the Tea Barn and the Farm Shop. We do not accept American Express. We are able to offer a cashback facility with debit cards with purchases for a minimum cashback amount of £10.

Lost property

Any lost property that we find will be kept until the end of the season. Please call 01279 718570 or preferably send a full description of the item to office@jmlukies with your contact details and we will get back to you.

Coach parties/school trips/large groups

We can only accept large groups if pre-booked. If you are a group of more than 12 people please call the farm office on 01279 718570 or send an email to in advance to make a booking.

If you are a group smaller than 12 attending from a college, school, nursery or club please also let us know in advance by emailing

We can offer a schools package which includes a talk about fruit farming, a tour of the farm and a punnet of fruit per child. Please contact us for futher information.

Children’s Parties

We can accommodate a limited number of children’s parties outside school holiday periods. Please call the farm office on 01279 718570 for more details.

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday 9am to 5.30pm (Tea Barn until 4.30pm)

Contact Us

Call: 01279 718 777 (Recorded Message)


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